Masz spotkanie z Angel Investors? – przygotuj się na 20 pytań!

Kwiecień 01, 2016


Miranda international Marketing Agency, w skrócie MiMA, pisze na swoich stronach o doświadczeniach w pracy z uczestnikami V edycji programu akceleracyjnego US-Poland Innovation HUB. W formie pytań MiMA podaje „20 Things Angel Investors Want to Know”:

  1. How will the funding you are seeking get you there?
  2. What specifically will you be doing with the funding?
  3. What is the customer acquisition cost? 
  4. What is the long term value?
  5. What is your competitive advantage?
  6. What is your legal framework?
  7. How are you connecting with customers?
  8. What is the competitive landscape? 
  9. How long is the sales process?
  10. What have you learned from your initial launch?
  11. What reactions are you getting from the potential partners?
  12. What have you done from an IP (intellectual property) standpoint?
  13. What is your survival strategy in a quick or slow market?
  14. What is your pricing strategy?
  15. Have you questioned the market?
  16. What do you do that is different?
  17. Would you consider going deeply vertical where others are not?
  18. What is your competitive differentiation?
  19. What is your go-to-market strategy?
  20. What are your lessons learned so far?

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